Victoria is a singer, dancer, and actress from Indianapolis, IN. She has been training with prestigious vocal coaches, including Renee Grant Williams, and Jeanie Logan, since she was 8 years old. By 9 years old she was performing, and had already recorded an album that was getting radio airplay across Europe in major markets.

Victoria was offered a record deal at 12 years old, but wanted to finish school and live a normal life until she was ready to begin pursuing her career. After being a five-time talent winner for Miss American Coed, two times state Outstanding Performer in show choir, a show every October in Vegas, and multiple dance, and theater leads, she knew it was time to take her talents to the city of dreams… Los Angeles, CA.  She left her very comfortable suburban life in the Midwest and moved. She then booked her very first audition as the lead in a nationally touring musical as well as a part in Todd Phillips (producer and director – Hangover 1, 2,  3, Old School, etc.), new movie Project X.

After only being in a LA for a short while, she has already worked with hit music producers, writers, and artists like Boy Rekless, Young Yonny, Tracie Hale, Klaus Derendorf, Cut Father, The Senate, Ray Dalton, Lil Eddie, Optimus Prime, Sam Salter, Jaden Michaels, and Colombus Short.

And recorded songs for her project written by hit makers: Jason Derulo, Jaden Michaels, Tacie Hale, Fran Hall, Poison Ivory, Kyle Christopher, Steve Diamond, KC Livingston, and Chris “Deep” Henderson.

Victoria Plummer is currently working on her new EP as well as her acting career and is a member of the Alliance for Women in Media.

Victoria recently starred in six productions this year so far all over Los Angeles. Starring as Cinderella in Cinderella, Mary in Mary Poppins, Goneril in King Lear, Judy in A Chorus Line, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and Ivy in Bare, A Pop Opera.   Read the Press Release.

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